Not ready to go home? Ready to Experience the Adventure?

Fall in love with nature again! A short flight over Guyana’s Amazon, with breath-taking views, lies one of the most spectacular tropical rainforests. Stand in awe of the majestic 741 feet wonder of nature! Dubbed as the tallest single drop beauty, “Ole Kai” at the Kaieteur Falls will enchant you with his charm and finesse. The tour includes an exploration of the Kaieteur National Park – a botanical haven for rare flora and fauna. The park is also home to some of the most exotic species such as the world-famous Cock-of-the-rock bird and the Golden frog. And this is only day 1!

On day 2, prep for not only an active adventure but also an opportunity to relax and enjoy nature’s wonders. Get closer to the enriched, therapeutic waters of Guyana as you traverse the glorious Essequibo River. With 365 islands dotting her being, you are sure to remain captivated by her divinity as you jet down her curvaceous path. Be enthralled by the best preserved built evidence of Dutch settlement in Guyana when we stop at the fluvial island of the Essequibo River delta –  Fort Island. Be enticed by the pristine beauty of Guyana’s nature preserve area at Saxacalli Beach – the second stop. This is a true nature lover’s paradise. Tantalising, mouth-watering Guyanese cuisine will be the experience as we dine in the mining (but very touristy) town of Bartica.

The tour will continue up the Mazaruni River, with views of the Mazaruni prison, Fort Kyk-Over-Al and our final stop at Baracara Falls where the cooling sensation of the cascading water massages you gently, relieving the tensions of your daily Rota-routine, preparing you for your cruising return.

Looking for that island vibe in the mainland; kick back with us at the Aruwai Resort White H2O on day 3! Nestled on an island separating the Cuyuni and Mazaruni Rivers, is a beautiful resort, where jet skiing will excite the adventurous and kayaking will sate the cautious. Tun up di vibes with your Rotafam as we transform the island into a Rota-secret paradise!

At the end of each day, (enough) rest is assured as you settle in comfort at the modern boutique hotel – Park Vue.

El Dorado… Discovered!