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District Logo Competition: Winning Entry from RC of Genesis

We decided to design a logo with a specialty that every club in Rotaract District 7030 has. That is the tropical weather in each and every country in the District. Therefore we made a golden sun of the Rotaract logo and planted a palm tree. A tree has branches and so has this one. The leaves of the palm are formed by the countries within the District. The two water waves symbolize the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea that bring us all together. To let a tree grow it needs water.



1) The Palm Tree.

The Palm tree represents the growth and purity that the Rotaract clubs within Rotaract District 7030 undergo and show. Each and every club in District 7030 has the chance, the opportunity to help develop their community, to help develop their self and to help understand another by respecting one another by showing team-building efforts, love, peace and tolerance. In Rotaract District 7030 it doesn’t matter whether you’re working with the Atlantic Ocean or Caribbean Sea.

The flags on the branches are the leaves which describe the 14 countries that are part of Rotaract District 7030. All branches contain different cultures growing together as one.

2) The Waves.

The waves represent the together bringing of the Caribbean and South- America. The waves symbolize the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean which brings all clubs in the District together.

3) The Sun

The sun symbolize the warmth of the Rotaract Spirit in the District having us all work peacefully together serving the world putting Service Above Self.

It represents the tropical character of each Caribbean nation.

The sun also symbolizes the beginning of a new day. The sun rises each and everyday with that same purpose. A purpose of which the Rotaract clubs in district 7030 must abide.

That purpose is strongly working towards the future of each and every person we know, we need to know, we will meet eventually and whom we must become.

That purpose is a God gifted power we as Rotaractors have to achieve.

The logo represents us as one.

Us, we Rotaractors constantly developing as a strong District 7030.

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