Orientation Week for Rotaract Club of Piarco (UWI)

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Orientation Week for Rotaract Club of Piarco (UWI)

The University of the West Indies, St. Augustine Campus’ Guild Festival is an opportunity for clubs to promote their organization to new and continuing students, in the hopes of fostering a memorable university experience. With this premise in mind, the Rotaract Club of Piarco (UWI) daily advocated the tenets of the group (community service, professional development, leadership and fellowship) through our booth, decorated with Rotary and Rotaract paraphernalia.

The booth which featured brochures, flyers and posters made students aware of both the structure and activities of our club. Staffed by members of the club and the Rotaract club of San Fernando, additional support was provided by Rotarians of our sponsoring Rotary club in making our booth a success.

Our ‘Keep calm and join Rotaract’ jersey assisted in advertising Rotaract and was the prize for the winner of our ‘Reassemble the Rotaract Pledge’ challenge. As if all this wasn’t enough, prospective members were pleasantly surprised as they were offered treats upon signing up to join the club and another opportunity to win jerseys.

With terrific feedback from Orientation Week, this Club anticipates a Rota-rific year as we continue to provide vital life experiences and opportunities for personal growth for each member.

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