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Rotaract Club Genesis – Motivational Talk

Mr. Elwin Atmodimedjo is the District Governor nominee for the Rotary year 2014-2015. He’s a Rotarian of the Rotary Club Paramaribo Residence, Suriname.


We asked him for a motivational talk because we think that he is one of our Role Models and he can also share with us how he reached this goal to become a District Governor.

First of all he asked us why we joined the Rotaract Club. The fellows gave several answers. But he did not hear one answer and that is: for the fun. Fun is for him very important. We are a service club, but we have to do all the service work with fun. It is not the intention to stress people to execute projects. We are coming together after a lot of stress, so we have to make some fun together.

It was never his main aim to be District Governor. His main goal was to learn and educate himself. He is traveling to different countries and also networkin a lot.

He said, “You don`t have to be a minister to help people. It’s the way you give your contribution to the club and the society. There is nothing better than a good feeling when you helped someone that was in need”.

Mr. Elwin Atmodimedjo was three time Assistant District Governor and after he was asked 3 times he said yes to be the District Governor for the service year 2014-2015.

Investing and self-educating is very important to succeed in life. You don`t need to ask for a position, people has to see you. Make yourself remarkable and be a change-maker.

At the end we gave a small present to our District Governor nominee.

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