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Rotaract Club Genesis – Public Speaking Session 3

The Professional Development committee asked PM Syffra Tolud for the third public speaking.

She talked about domestic violence. She used a PowerPoint presentation. Her presentation was very informative and clear.

There were some comments from the fellows like:

She needs to stand up straight when she talking to the public. She was leaning on the lectern. Also she was using her hands too much. It looked like she was talking with her hands.

Overall was her PowerPoint presentation very good. We could see that she used the skills of our ICT weekend in a good way.

The main goal of this project is to develop the public speaking skills of our fellows especially the prospective members and guests. And to feel free to talk in front of a public you don’t know, you have to start develop these skills in front of people you already know.

And at the end of every ‘public speaking’ we are giving suggestion to them to let them grown in their public speaking skills.



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