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Rotaract Club of South Barbados – Member Development session

The Club Service Committee hosted a new member Orientation session on October 13th, 2012. Conducted by Sargeant at Arms Shane Nicholls and Club Service Director Myles Phillips, this session served not only as a session to inform prospective members of Rotaract, but as the first of a series of Member Development sessions to be hosted by the Club Service committee for the Rotaract Year. One of the 2012-2013 goals of the Club Service committee was to distinguish their approach to the member development prerogative from that of the Professional Development committee by equipping members not as professionals but as members of Rotary International.

The session took place during a club meeting in order to secure maximum attendance. Rotaractors, guests and prospective members alike were engaged and involved in the delivery of the highly interactive presentation, which covered such topics as Rotaract History, Club, District, and International Organisational Structure, and club norms, by-laws and member obligations. Brief member testimonies brought a personal touch to the material, while the competitive sides of many in attendance flared at the prospect of luxury chocolates for correct answers to a quiz at the end of the session.

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