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District Conferences and DRR's

Year Conference DRR DRR’s Club
1987 St. Lucia Barbara Jacobs St. Lucia
1988 Antigua Edmund Roberts Roseau
1989 Dominica Keithly Phillips St. Kitts
1990 St. Kitts Jean Johnney-Findlay Kingstown
1991 Grenada Randolph Francis St. Lucia
1992 Trinidad Hazel Medina Port of Spain West
1993 Guyana Dorathea Hazel Montserrat
1994 Martinique Melanus Alphonse St. Lucia
1995 Montserrat Raymond Rosamond Fort de France
1996 St. Lucia Karen James Antigua
1997 St. Vincent Karen James Antigua
1998 Grenada Tennyson Scott St. Lucia
1999 Suriname Noliyanda Williams Georgetown Central
2000 Trinidad Sheldon Baptiste Port of Spain West
2001 Barbados Mercel Williams Kingstown
2002 Martinique Diana Browne Antigua
2003 Antigua Ria Delves Grenada
2004 Guyana Perle Alcindor Gros Islet
2005 Grenada Natasha Jeffery Kingstown
2006 Suriname Lisa James St. Lucia
2007 Trinidad Sonya Phillip Port of Spain West
2008 St. Lucia Owen Chance Georgetown
2009 Martinique Julien Skeete Tobago
2010 Grenada Angele Mendeszoon Paramaribo
2011 Dominica Vishi Beharry Chaguanas
2012 Guadeloupe Kieron Mitchell San Fernando
2013 Tobago Thalia Bernard Central Port of Spain
2014 Suriname Vanessa Boyce Tobago
2015 Barbados Giselle Holder Port of Spain West
2016 St. Lucia Everistus Jn Marie St. Lucia
2017 Trinidad Kezra Lashley Piarco (U.W.I.)
2018 Guyana Delon Earle University of Guyana
2019 Guadeloupe Anya Blankendal Genesis
2020 Virtual Kevan St. Brice Piarco (U.W.I.)


District Conferences and DRR’s

The Rotaract District was formed in 1986, and since then District Conferences have been held in various countries throughout the District. District Rotaract Representatives (DRR) have also been selected from a number of different clubs to head the District Rotaract Committee and lead the District forward for yet another year. Here the countries where conferences have been held, as well as the DRRs who have served and the clubs they belonged to are listed.

Club Charter Dates

Club Country Chartered
Saint-Pierre Martinique  
Arima West Trinidad  
Pointe a Pitre Guadeloupe  
Mount Hope Trinidad  
Grenada Grenada 1978-01-21
San Fernando Trinidad 1984-09-06
St. Lucia St. Lucia 1985-04-22
Georgetown Guyana 1985-07-01
Roseau Dominica 1985-09-16
Kingstown St. Vincent 1986-03-14
St. Kitts St. Kitts 1986-07-01
St. Lucia South St. Lucia 1987-06-20
Montserrat Montserrat 1987-09-05
Port of Spain West Trinidad 1988-10-02
Barbados South Barbados 1990-04-28
Genesis Suriname 1990-11-13
Fort de France Martinique 1990-12-14
Georgetown Central Guyana 1993-04-24
Gros Islet St. Lucia 1994-06-24
St. Augustine West Trinidad 1997-09-30
Bequia St. Vincent 1997-11-01
Linden Guyana 1998-02-19
Paramaribo Suriname 1998-06-30
Maraval Trinidad 1999-11-09
Tobago Trinidad 2003-01-11
Point Fortin Trinidad 2003-01-31
St. Augustine Trinidad 2003-03-29
Arima Trinidad 2003-06-30
Central Port of Spain Trinidad 2005-01-21
San Fernando South Trinidad 2005-02-26
Chaguanas Trinidad 2005-08-13
University of Guyana Guyana 2005-12-09
Guadeloupe Guadeloupe 2006-09-14
New Amsterdam Guyana 2006-11-26
Corriverton Guyana 2006-11-26
Cayenne French Guiana 2007-08-25
UWI Cave Hill Barbados 2008-04-03
Sangre Grande Central Trinidad 2008-05-16
Piarco (BATCE) Trinidad 2009-12-23
Piarco (UWI) Trinidad 2009-12-23
F.R.E.S.H. Suriname 2010-11-04
South West Tobago Trinidad 2010-11-16
South Barbados Barbados 2011-01-13
Kourou French Guiana 2012-03-06

Club Charter Dates

Rotaract was first introduced to the Caribbean region in Grenada 1978. Since then the movement has spread to almost every country in the region. Here are the dates the clubs in the District were chartered.

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